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Once you have downloaded the file SetupAstro95 which contains the same files that the CD-ROM, with the exception of the expanded atlas and the USB key driver, which are available below , double-click on the file and follow the procedure described in the user's guide. Note : This link is available for customers who have purchased a version 9. You can then run the file SetupAstro95 offered above to install the program.

Note : This link is available for customers who have purchased a version 8. You can then run the file SetupAstro87 offered above to install the program. If you want to install the program in another language French, English, Spanish or Italian , download the following file: SetupWeb.

Save this file in the same location directory than the SetupAstro87 file see above , then start the installation by double-clicking on the SetupWeb file.

My basic philosophy is this:

Such a possibility exists for the programs listed below. Note that there are no more updates available for versions 9. In this case, to know how to manually enter the time difference with these versions, see the on-screen help of your software. If you use Windows XP, only versions 7. With Windows Vista, you can install and use versions 8. With Windows 7, you need at least the version 8. The version number appears above your name. It can also be found on the warranty registration card, on the invoice or in the user's guide.

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For information on how to save and restore your personal files in case you change your computer, or if you want to upgrade an older program to the latest version, refer to your user's guide. You can download updates for the following versions:. If you have problems updating the program automatically, you can download the update by clicking the link below. Once downloaded, run the update and follow the instructions on the screen.

Version 9. Download update of your astrological program Version 9. Version 8.


Note: if you are using Version 8. Download update of your astrological program Version 8. I n order to test our programs in the privacy of your home, and determine which program is the best for you and your needs, we invite you to download a demonstration version which includes all our programs. This Demo allows you to test the programs using for instance your natal chart data. After downloading the Demo to your hard disk, double-click on the file SetupAstro11 and follow the on-screen instructions.

Take the time to study it to avoid making mistakes in the input of the chart data that will be used by the Demo. For more information on using the program, you can also download the user's guide. Y ou will find below the information needed to install and use our generic Demo program, which gives you a sample of all Aureas astrological programs, using for instance your natal chart data.

You can print this help section out on paper -- this may simplify the process for you. Installing the Demo. Important -- Begin by closing all open applications. You have to install the program in an Administrator account and not a limited access account.

Some antivirus software may cause problems during installation. In that case, you will have to deactivate them temporarily. See your antivirus user's guide. After downloading the Demo on our website, double-click on the file copied onto your computer: SetupAstro You will be asked to choose the language in which you want to install the software. The installation begins.

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A first message will display indicating that you must shut down all other running programs before starting the installation of your new program. Click Next to continue. A new window indicates in which directory and disk the program will be installed. Click on the Next button to continue, then on Install. The installation procedure is validated and completed by a message indicating that the program has been correctly copied to your hard disk. A shortcut icon has been automatically created on the Desktop in order to make program access easier, and also on the Start screen of Windows 8, if you use this system.

Now, you can start up your program either by doing a double-click on the Aureas v11 icon created on your Desktop or Startup screen. Using the Demo. E ach time you start the program, the following window will be displayed:. The demo will start and display the following window:. You can use most of the functions of the programs, but they will only work for the single chart whose data you input, carefully and correctly the first time.

What to download (scroll down for more info):

The forecasting charts -- transits, solar returns To choose which program you want to test, simply click on one of the yellow rectangles. Input the demonstration chart data:. You can use the Demo version with only one chart.

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It is therefore important to enter the chart data without errors. Yet, the Demo can be installed on as many computers than you wish, with different natal chart data each time. You should enter the data for a natal chart on any single computer as though it cannot be modified any more.

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You will be able to change the hour, the day, or the longitude and the latitude, but NOT the month or the year -- these are the only options available if you enter the data improperly. After selecting the desired program, and only the first time, a window is displayed asking you to input the birth data for the chart you wish to use for the demo. In the example below you see the standard European Day-Month-Year ordering, but if your computer operating system is set to the standard American order Month-Day-Year, the program will automatically reflect that date ordering.

Have a look on this list to become familiar with how the states and countries are categorized and notated. With the mouse, you can use the scroll bar to the right of the window to find the correct section of the alphabet where the country of birth is located. You can then select the desired country by double-clicking on its name. The software includes more than features. The full version of the Tamil astrology software download comes with wide range of features it covers almost all astrological calculations. Full version includes all the features of basic version plus Muhurtham editable horoscope prediction, e Prarthana, matrimonial CRM module, etc.

Then comes the importance of the mobile version of astrology software. The smartphone app of Tamil astrological software download includes basic astrological features including 4 calendars, panchangam, porutham, horoscope and important astrological calculation its almost equal to the basic version of the computer. All the updates of astrology software are free of cost. You can update it from Google play store. We also provide unlimited installs on all of your android devices for just Rupees.