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September 6 is busy: Mercury clashes with Jupiter, the sun connects with Saturn, and Venus connects with Pluto in Capricorn. September 7 brings miscommunications as Mercury opposes Neptune.

Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope November, – Spirit Navigator

The next day, the sun clashes with Jupiter, encouraging you to branch out in your career. Exciting conversations about money also take place this day as Mercury connects with Pluto. September 9 finds Mars making a harmonious connection with Saturn, which is fantastic for setting plans in motion, especially in your career. Two days later, Mars clashes with Jupiter, inspiring a burst of action and creativity, but watch out for big egos.


A cheerful, social energy arrives as Mercury meets Venus and the sun connects with Pluto on September 13, helping you step into a place of confidence and power, especially at work. The full moon in Pisces lands on September 14, pulling your attention to your home and family.

SAGITTARIUS OCTOBER 2019 - New Beginnings! - Love Horoscope & Tarot

Disappointment is in the air. Your efforts have been obscured.

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Let yourself cry. The moon in Pisces is weepy as hell and holding it in will not do you any good.

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  • Express yourself! Lucky for you, it's going to blow up your entire world in the most remarkable way possible. When it comes to your love life this is especially so.

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    Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until December 2, so any and all relationships you begin this year business and personal have a magical stamp attached to them. These people who are coming into your life genuinely want nothing but the best for you and will do whatever they can to help you achieve what you want most. In matters of the heart, having Jupiter in your sign is one of the most auspicious cycles possible to help bring you the love of your life. Star Lovers Relationship Compatibility detailing how each of you perceives and experiences the other, examining the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and pinpointing potential problems.

    Each connection is given a Star Rating from one to five to show their relative importance. The more stars there are the more important the connection.

    Sagittarius Love Horoscope

    Celebrity Sample Try Free Sample. About Sagittarius Sagittarius is good at having fun. Ruled by jovial Jupiter, these sunny, cheerful, adventurous folk have one motto - don't worry, be happy.