Weekly horoscope aquarius november 18 2019

The Sun will be in the sign of Leo until August 22nd. The Sun is in its dignity while in the sign of Leo. This is a season when you can improve your attire, appearance and physique. Leo loves to outshine everyone else. Aquarius invites you to be innovative and slightly detached from the emotional aspects of clearing the energy.

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The Sun in Leo opens the door to reclaiming your personal identity, which can involve an act of courage as you may need to sacrifice something you once loved but doesn't serve its purpose in your life anymore. To find out more, check out your zodiac sign below to see predictions from your weekly horoscope from August 12th - 18th, , according to astrology. This week, the Sun and Venus join forces and lights up your 5th house of romance and love in a big way on August 13th.

This is also a productive week for you career-wise, especially if you're an artist, writer, singer, dancer, or simply love to post things on social media.

The Month Ahead for Aquarius

During this week's Full Moon in Aquarius where your friendship zone opens, you might say good bye to your loneliness and meet someone and click. Sometimes people can let you down, and watching someone you love become disappointed by the hand that life has dealt is truly heartbreaking. With Venus empowering your desire to care take for others, and to be there for the underdog as well, you will feel challenged to do for others as they do for you as well. You might decide to look for a new job or to take on a different series of responsibilities at work that ultimate leads to a different career path.

Your weekly horoscope: October 8 - October 13, 12222

With Venus and the Sun joining together in your third house, this can open the door to creative expression. Yes, this can mean you say more than you need to. You are likely only trying to be helpful, but sometimes messages are best delivered through a supportive shoulder than a verbal lecture.

The Moon in Aquarius will ignite your travel and learning sector. You might feel turned on to study a subject to expand your knowledge of science, space, or history. You could start becoming more interested in road trips that help you to see the culture of communities near your area too. If you have a desire to strengthen your portfolio and build wealth, check out the latest apps that help you to see where you spend your money. With the Full Moon in Aquarius taking place in your 8th house, going halfsies is a better way to spend, especially if you're going out more than usual during this Leo transit.

With Venus and the Sun having a loving moment in your house of identity, there's nothing better for you to experience during this solar transit. You can start feeling more comfortable in your own skin. Experience a heightened sense of confidence about the choices you are making. If you're just starting out in a new place, painting a wall your favorite shade will really make the room pop but also give you a sense of belonging and claim on your territory.

Aquarius Horoscope: Daily & Today | broomov.gq

Looking for a wardrobe change, an appearance improvement, or to start putting your feelings out there? Now that Venus and the Sun are making a loving transition for you in the house of past enemies, you can lovingly let go of grudges and start to hold on to the here and now.

This week's amazing Full Moon takes place in your health and wellness sector, so letting go of negative energy isn't just positive, it's a needed change for you mentally and spiritually.

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You love your friends and they likely adore you too. With the Sun and Venus conjoining in your house of friendship and love, there's no better time to spend the week remembering your besties. This week's Moon in Aquarius reminds you that it's always good to have fun and take life as it comes.

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Bake a cake, or sign up for one of those painting classes with your tribe to make more memories that last. When she moves into your house of career and reputation, you can take advantage of the opportunity by showing off the work you've been doing. Travel is written all over your horoscope, so if you can find a way to take a trip—long or short distance—it would do you a world of good.

Your mind is hungry for new experiences, and to hear new sounds and see new colors.

Aquarius 2019: Someone Is Waiting For You Aquarius ❤ October November December 2019

Happy little heavenly bodies in your ninth house are urging you to go. In that house, you have Mercury news and learning , Venus happiness , and the new moon, with her partner, the Sun, bringing you opportunity. That new moon appeared on September 28, just two days before the start of October, and it was sending sweet vibrations. Mars finishes up his work in your financial eighth house and joins the planets already in your ninth house of travel and learning on October 3.

Mars is associated with high energy and action. This move to your ninth house will immediately lower the high expenses you coped with in late August and September, and give you a longer window for travel, from October 3 to November You might be planning a long trip now, or you may be leaving any minute.

Aquarius Health & Wellness Horoscope

Also, bookshops have regular lectures given by authors at their book signings, and those are free. Associated with this trend is favor related to immigration goals. This new moon will give you the perfect time to start the process of acquiring your green card, visa, or new citizenship in another country.

The first ten days of October would be your optimal moment to begin for the best luck. If you work in the media, specifically in publishing, broadcasting, or the Internet, you could now see an interesting assignment come in that involves research you will enjoy doing because it will bring you into a new realm, and you will find this work refreshing.

Printed on archival quality paper. Available exclusively on Astrology Zone. Learn More. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller Travel is written all over your horoscope, so if you can find a way to take a trip—long or short distance—it would do you a world of good.