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However, it can also make people act self-centered, vain, and superficial.

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Earth represents dharma, contribution, and service. The element of Earth is attached to the signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

These Earth signs are the builders of the zodiac. They are practical, yet materialistic. This symbol represents a scythe with its handle down.

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Jupiter represents expansion, benevolence, generosity, and wisdom. It is associated with a sense of humor, good will, and mercy. However, it is also associated with excess, blind optimism, and overindulgence. Saturn represents authority, authenticity, and responsibility. It is associated with authority figures, boundaries, and structure. However, it is also associated with growth, learning, and knowledge. Uranus represents rebellion, innovation, intuition, and awakening.

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It is associated with enlightenment, progressiveness, objectivity, novelty, and ingenuity. However, it is also associated with rebelliousness and irresponsibility.

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Neptune represents spirituality, compassion, illusion, and transcendence. It is associated with intuition, spiritual enlightenment, mercy, and compassion. However, it is also associated with deception, trickery, deceit, guilt, and addiction. Pluto represents transformation, power, catharsis, regeneration, and emptiness. It is associated with rebirth, spiritual growth, endings, and new beginnings. However, it is also associated with obsessive desire for power, control, and destructiveness. This symbol is a combination of Venus and Jupiter.

However, it is also associated with antiques, antiquities, the occult, and the esoteric. A lightning bolt rising from the ashes represents Zeus. This is a symbol of fertility. It is also associated with leadership, achievement, ambition, creativity, and intelligence. A cross with the Moon over the top of it represents Kronos.

It symbolizes the protection and care of those who are under your authority. This symbol represents Apollon who had a calming composure, an ability to ease tension, and brought a wisdom and an awareness that was healing. This symbol resembles the earth or the sign of Taurus with a cross through it. The Moon rests on top, acting receptive and absorbing. This represents transformation and power.

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However, it can also represent blocked energy and inertia. This symbol represents a volcanic explosion. However, it is also associated with brutality and violence. This symbol is made up of two crescent moons held together by a bar. It represents enlightenment, positivity, and wisdom. At times, some planets appear to move backwards in motion.

Sagittarius is the Archer that is also a Centaur, and its symbol shows its fiery arrows of truth. The Sagittarius is swift and covers a lot of ground, whether by traveling or through artistic and intellectual pursuits. The dates for the Sun in Sagittarius are from November 23rd to December 21st. Capricorn is the sign of the Goat in astrology and ruled by the disciplinarian Saturn.

As a Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn embodies ambition and a love of enduring traditions. The dates for the Sun in Capricorn are December 22nd to January 20th.

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Known as the Water Bearer in astrology, Aquarius is actually an Air sign. It is ruled by Uranus, and its qualities are rebelliousness, originality and perhaps more than just a touch of genius. The dates for the Sun in Aquarius are January 21st to February 19th. As the last of the Zodiac signs, Pisces is said to contain qualities of them all. It is often depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions, which sums up the enigmatic and multi-dimensional Piscean nature.

The dates for the Sun in Pisces are February 20th to March 20th. The Sun is a star both in astrology and in real life, and its sign in your chart reveals a lot about your basic nature. The Moon represents your instinctive nature and mysteries of the self that often remain hidden. Just as the Moon passes through phases of hiding and revelation, so too do these deep emotional truths within each of us.

For the Greeks, Venus became Aphrodite, and so was associated with love, relationships and the feminine side of the psyche. In astrology, her influence is greatest in the intimate realm and in the Arts. In astrology, Mars influences all things masculine, and filtered through its particular sign reveals how anything is pursued, from a potential sexual partner to a career.

Mercury influences communication, and the mental filters through which information is channeled.

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In astrology, Jupiter points the way to expansion and good fortune. Look to Jupiter's sign and house position for clues to fulfilling your highest potential. Nail salon matches mani to your astrology. NASA broke the news early this year in a blog post that explained that when ancient Babylonians created the zodiac over 3, years ago, they wanted dates on the calendar to correspond with star constellations.

But, there were 13 constellations, and they were working with a month calendar. So they ditched Ophiuchus. NASA also pointed out that the Earth's axis doesn't even point in the same direction as it did when the original constellations were drawn, so all our signs have different date ranges now anyway. In other words: astrological chaos. And the science nerds at NASA don't even care that they've upended our lives.