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One of the trademarks of a Saturn visit is that Saturn never bestows rewards during the testing and tutoring period, but will always leave a gift by the door upon his departure. You may have already received a prestigious promotion or new job, but if you did not yet get your reward, you are likely to get a better offer after the appearance of the new moon October 30, All your hard work will add up to a big professional leap this year, and all indications are that will be an even bigger year for career reward.

As of September , Saturn has settled into Sagittarius, your eleventh house of friendship and social groups, and will remain there until December Friendships are deeply important to you, as is leaving the world a better place than when you entered it by doing acts of charity. You may be called on to help a friend in crisis. Keep in mind that your friend may need your support for a long time, perhaps for a year or more. If you do get involved, you will gain enormous personal growth by this experience.

If you moved to another city at some point in , it may be that you have, or will have, difficulty making new friends, a temporary situation that may last a while.

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In time things will improve. With Saturn in this part of your chart, perhaps you would like to volunteer for a charity you believe in or work with a political candidate whose views match your own. Joining a group would likely yield the added bonus of allowing you to make the acquaintance of like-minded people.

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No matter what role this person will play in your life, he or she would be good for you. This theme may also apply to your romantic life. When it comes to love, this will be a quiet year.

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Still, there are certain dates coming up that you will likely enjoy very much. The Gemini full moon on December 13 would be the logical place to look for love. Alas, the full moon shows more hard work and less time to enjoy one another because Saturn will conjoin the Sun and oppose the moon.

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Mercury is the natural ruler of your fifth house of true love, and Mercury will meet with happiness-planet Jupiter on October 11 in Libra. For once, the planets are relating beautifully, and a spirit of harmony June will be very special for you, for surely, it looks as though love and fun will be on your agenda.

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You will see Aquarius Horoscope for October October 2, Travel is written all over your horoscope, so if you can find a way to take a trip—long or short distance—it would Aquarius Horoscope for September September 1, September will be a magical month for you.

Aquarius Horoscope for June June 1, June will be very special for you, for surely, it looks as though love and fun will be on your agenda.

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Latest Tweets. At some point in your life you are likely to find at least one community, humanitarian, or charity cause to act upon, whether the scale be large or small. It is often the role of your sign to reveal important social trends before the rest of us see them emerging or even consider them to be a soon-to-be growing problem. Many Aquarius are interested in politics too, and will either run for office or support a candidate.

To be clear, Aquarius works with large groups and becomes a leader to create a movement, such as to save the coral reef, protect the rain forest, or help women faced with domestic violence, among a myriad of other possible social urgencies that need to be addressed. In contrast, your following sign, Pisces, prefers to help others on a personal one-on-one basis, such as to stop by the apartment of the elderly lady upstairs to help her open jars before running off to work.

As an Aquarius, you are usually so far ahead of the curve that you see solutions clearly that others fail to see, even with deep thinking.

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It may take time for the people you are trying to convince to catch up with you, as your ideas may at first be quite foreign—even odd—to their ears. As you come up with many workable, practical answers to questions that have eluded others, you may sometimes make others feel inadequate. As your star rises, you become a target of criticism by those who were embarrassed by not having seen the problem quickly enough and who have failed to come up with the same solutions that are so obvious to you. The greater the adulation you receive, the more jealousy you may face. Your desire to help others is always strong, so let the knowledge that you are doing great work to help society be your true reward.